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    1987 Ford Mustang 2.3L LX Coupe underwent a massive transformation into a tire burning monster. The conversion involved replacing just about every part on the vehicle with high performance parts. The 2.3L EFI four cylinder motor was replaced with a high performance carbureted 306. The stock, weak suspension was removed and a heavy-duty road-race suspension replacing it. The 10" front rotors are gone, in go the 11" cross-drilled discs. Faded, rusted, chipped white paint stripped away, and repainted with 2000 Cobra 'R Performance Red clear-coat. A no-nonsense approach to building a street legal race-car.

July 25, 2016 - 12+ years after disassembly and sale
    I still think about the car, but I have a hard time imagining how I could have possibly kept it in my life.

    Website re-posted on web. Links fixed.

April 15, 2009 - Five years later
    I miss the car. Updated email address which is scattered throughout the website.

December 18th, 2003 - Final Update
    Everything has been sold, and all that remains is this website. I certainly didn't make my money back selling parts, but that wasn't the point. Even with a selling price of $12,000, I was still unable to find a buyer. Hopefully I was able to pull at least 12 grand out of parts, but I'm reluctant to check. It doesn't matter now anyway, the project was a learning experience on a number of levels.

    If I sound a little bitter, I'm not. Maybe a little.

    While dismantling the vehicle, I FINALLY figured out the fuel pump lock-up problem. When I installed the fuel tank originally, I cut the "vent" line, and left it hanging... kinda forgot about it. Then, when bolting the tank into place, the vent hose was crushed between the tank and the frame... essentially sealing the tank, and allowing a vacuum to build up. Naturally, the pump was unable to overcome the negative pressure, and locked. That's it... So simple.

    For all those considering a similar project, consider the following,

      - Are the modifications I plan to make going to effect drive ability?
      - Will the end effect really be what I want?
      - Is there a cheaper route? Junkyard project?
      - Is there cheaper parts? eBay, classifieds, shop around.
      - If necessary, what will the resale be? Should I store factory parts just in case?
      - Could I just buy what I really want, from the factory?
      - Has someone else already swallowed the cost and selling a similar project?
      - Can I really afford it (Unlikely, hah) - Will I need a daily-driver in addition to the project car?

    Other than that... Jump right in. It was a fun project, and kept me and my wandering mind busy for a few years. If I were to do it again, I'd definitely take a different route. I'd be going for the junkyard/custom approach. It would more challenging to get mis-matched wrecker parts working together, not to mention cheap. I'd also try to find a more "worthy" project car. Preferably something cheap, with a solid body. Running gear and interior bonus. Also, I'd want to do up a car that no-one else sees potential in.. Like, a late '80's Escort...and something less conventional for an engine. Mix 'n match.

    ..and what better way to end my last update than with the most recent pictures of the car, before and during the disassembly.

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