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    Western Motorsports of Calgary, Alberta. Awesome service!

    Mustang Works : Best Mustang message board on the web.
    Mustang World : User Rides updated daily.
    Corral.net: Another excellent Mustang message board.
    StangNet: Well rounded Mustang Site

    Junkyard Turbo Mustang : The ultimate junkyard turbo Mustang (link dead)
    Mike's Too High PSI : Junkyard Twin Turbo Thundercoupe, twin EATON supercharged T-Bird

    Escort-Racing: Largest Escort message board (dead link)
    Ford EXP : Dedicated to the Escort's brother, the EXP.(dead link)
    Escort Appreciation Page (dead link) : Outlines the generations of Escorts,domestic and European.
    Turbo Escort (dead link) : General outline of what's necessary to make boost on an Escort
    ERDT Turbo Escort (dead link) : General information for turbo conversion.
    British American Transfer : Importer of British Escort parts into the USA.

    The Merkur Encyclopedia : Dedicated to Ford's short lived Merkur cars, turbo 2.3L
    Merkur Tech : Another site for the rare Merkur cars, the XR4TI and Sierra.
    Merkur Desktop : Useful information for turbo-charging Fords.
    Turbo Ford : Information site for turbo Fords

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