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    March to July, 2003
      The end of an era - Parting out
      4 updates

    August to December 2002
      No mods, no work done. Thoughts on driving and project cars.
      7 entries

    July 2002
      Throttle fix, maximum performance, second thoughts, eBay, interior completion.
      4 minor entries

    June 2002
      Trial and error - Three Hills Alberta Car show and Race-City 1/4 mile at half-throttle!
      4 major updates

    May 2002
      Month of MAJOR progress and limited updates - Electrical, test-drives, completion.
      5 updates

    April 2002
      Month of delays : Fuel, ignition, cooling, gauges.
      13 updates

    March 2002
      Coldest month : major progress. Engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, and the dash.
      18 updates

    February 2002
      The month of paint and waiting.
      14 updates

    January 2002
      New loan, new parts, new hope!
      9 updates

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