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February 2002 Archive

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February 27th, 2002
    Here are two BEFORE scans, [Image 1] [Image 2]. These were taken the day I was rejected from several body-shops, and had to 'settle' with Maaco. Looks pretty gross back then, but you should see it now!

    Also, here is an [Pic] comparing the old and new tail-light lenses next to one another. The overall difference between them is much worse in person, although you will notice primer over-spray on the original.

    Corbeau Canada contacted me via fax with an order form for the Targa RS seats that I want so dearly. They quoted me a final price of $1450 for the pair of seats with brackets delivered to my door, GST included. I'm debating whether or not I want to be further in debt for seats, but then I remember just how painful and dangerous those original seats were. I'll have to sleep on it.

February 25th, 2002
    Well, it's winter temperatures again, so progress has stalled once again. Maybe I'll order those seats.

February 20th, 2002
    Everything finally came together today. Picked up the Mustang without any hassels, used City-Wide Towing with a flat-deck tow-truck. Spent what little time I had with the car before work. Installed the new six-piece head-light assembly, as well as the tail-lights. The car is sitting real high, even in the rear...the new suspension will take care of that. I'll probably spend tomorrow (Thursday) mating the engine and transmission together, and install THAT, Friday!

February 17th, 2002
    I've been sick for the past three days, the worst day being yesterday (Didn't even leave the house). So with that in mind, I didn't get everything done that I wanted to... mainly, picking up the car. The NEW plan is to pick up the car tomorrow (Monday). I hope to mate the engine to the transmission today, but we'll see.

February 15th, 2002
    The car IS painted, however, they have to paint the body moldings and door-handles, as well as install the windshield and locks. The colour is AWESOME.. Just screams, look at me! I have run into a few problems though. Once the door moldings are removed, they are impossible to replace. They have two aluminum strips that run down the length of them. I've decided to NOT install the door moldings. Also in the driver fender near the door, where a peice of trim once was, there is a hole. I need an emblem or something to cover that up... have yet to figure that out.

    Spent most of the day running around town picking up odds and ends, such as :
  1. Flywheel, then had it resurfaced
  2. Fuel-tank pick-up tube
  3. Header gaskets
  4. Convertible motor-mounts
  5. Chain, for engine hoist
  6. K&N filter cleaner kit
  7. Grease and brake-cleaner

February 14th, 2002
    Picked up the motor from Western Motorsports, ended up buying an engine hoist. Figure I'll probably need it in the future for the Escort. Cleaned out the garage, actually, vacuumed the floor. Tomorrow IS THE BIG DAY. Pick up the car tomorrow GUARANTEED. Tomorrow I'll need to grab:
  1. Flywheel
  2. Motor-mounts
  3. Header gaskets
  4. Power-steering pump

February 12th, 2002
    FINALLY got to see Ford Performance Red on my car, well, at least under the hood, the door jambs, and the trunk. It's EXACTLY the colour I wanted, a red'ish orange, not obviously one or the other.. It's gorgeous! The rest of the car will be painted today/tomorrow, and I will be having it towed home Thursday!

February 11th, 2002
    I'm having difficultly locating a dealer for the seats I want. Corbeau Targa RS. [Image]

    UPDATE! - Corbeau Canada emailed me back. They basically operate as a mail-order company as they do not have any dealers. The seats retail for $562 CDN each, require an adaptor plate for each seat, $42 CDN, and shipping for both seats will be range between $110-$130 CDN. Include GST, and I'm estimating total cost for those seats to my door, $1400 CDN. Only a few hundred more than I wanted to spend, but man, they're really nice seats. I'll probably order the pair within the next few weeks. Now I have to decide whether I want black or grey to go with my grey and black interior. The black looks like a dark grey, and the grey looks kinda blue'ish, purple, grey.. We'll have to see.

    Maaco, called. They're painting the engine-bay, door jambs, and trunk today, and painting the car tomorrow. According to John over there, I SHOULD be able to pick up the car on Wednesday. They ended up NOT putting the car on the frame machine, they are simply re-aligning the body panels. I wonder whether the frame really is straight, or if they're just going the cheap "Maaco" way.

February 8th, 2002
    Stopped by WMS and collected my pre-paid for FORD RACING TACH! [Image]

    Also took a look at the progress of my car and it turns out that the front end frame is slightly bent and will have to go on the frame machine. I knew the car had been in a front end collision at some point before I purchased, so I always assumed the frame was slightly out of alignment.. Anyway, it's only another four hours of labour on top of the 32 for bodywork. If it gets me better suspension alignment, and better a better hood-fender match, I'm all for it.

February 7th, 2002
    Picked up a few more parts today from Western Motorsports. MSD and crossmember pre-purchased, control-arms and throttle cable not.
  1. MSD timing retard [Image]
  2. Ford Racing front control arms [Image]
  3. Ford Racing double-hump crossmember [Image]
  4. '85 carburated 5.0 throttle cable

February 6th, 2002
    Stopped by to check the progress on my car, and I'm quite surprised at just how little rust there was. Most of it was petty surface rust, easily ground off. I'm definately not picking it up Friday, Monday or Tuesday is looking more accurate now.

February 5th, 2002
    Bodywork is 85% complete on the stang, and I'm hoping to have it home by Friday. I'm planning to sneak in tomorrow to take a look at the progress, and perhaps snap a few pics of it before it's painted.

February 2nd, 2002
    The exterior colour of the car will be Ford's Performance Red. Also known as the colour of the 2001 Cobra R. Here's a few sample images, click to enlarge.

February 1st, 2002
    FINALLY! Dropped the car off for bodywork and paint this morning. Apparently it will be ready by the middle of next week. In the mean time, I'm going to pick up the final odds and ends (Carpet, floor-mats, seats, etc).

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