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June 2002 Archive

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June 21st, 2002
    Interesting day.

    I started the day off in preparation for Western Motorsport's arranged early admission into Secret Street at Race-City Speedway. I put the car on jackstands and tightened-up all the suspension nuts and bolts. Ran into a snag there, as a bolt on the rear lower control arm had become stripped, and wouldn't tighten up nor would it lossen off. I ended up using a reciprocating saw to rip through the bolt, and replace it with another. Not fun. I also took apart and inspected the K&N billet fuel filter, and Holley Blue pump, as well as all the fittings. Everything checked out okay.

    I arrive at Western Motorsports early, and wait around for about 45 minutes until they're ready to close shop and hit the track. My carpet and floor-mats had arrived today, but I decided to pick them up later when I wasn't racing. I ended up following Shannon and his SVO to the track, as I wasn't quite sure how to get there.

    Tech inspection went smooth, although I was advised to properly secure my fuel pressure isolator, which is currently suspended by the stainless steel braided lines.

    First run was disappointing, and my stats were BAD...but I blew it off as a first time run. It was as follows,

      Reaction Time : 1.544 (Worst of the day)
      60 Foot : 2.370 (Personal best of the day, but still horrible)
      1/4 Time : 16.719 (Best, but not something to brag about, let alone mention...ever)
      MPH : 78.24 (Bad, but I did worse)

    I made another eight terrible runs after that, and then asked Tim to give her a try. He also made a run similar to mine. The MPH was WAY too low to blame on traction, shifting, driver-skills, etc. The car would bog down and would creep up in RPMs from 3500 onward. Listed are my best and worst stats,

    Stat Best Worst
    Reaction Time 0.604 1.544
    60 Foot 2.370 2.710
    1/4 Time 16.719 17.857
    MPH 82.65 76.26

    As you can see, I wasn't exactly pleased especially when I'm expecting 14.00 seconds as a BAD time, and 12.5 as good. Shannon said it seems like it was running on only seven cylinders, and Tim said it felt like a dead spark plug wire, but added that it would be missing if that were the case. The car appeared to run fine, although a bit hot (I'm replacing the thermostat asap, it's faulty). While Tim was checking the float, I asked if it was possible that the throttle movement was limited by the pedal. A light bulb appeared above Tim and he knew it was the problem before he could even check it. I've only been getting

    I'm probably only running two barrels of the four barrel carb when I've floored the pedal, and I can't believe I hadn't checked that until tonight. It's been haunting my dreams, and burning a hole in my head, and I've been totally unsatisfied with the performance of this car since day ONE. It felt bogged down, and really died in the higher rpms in 3rd and 4th gears.

    Anyway, Tim had to recall what modifications were necessary, as this was his motor. Apparently, I'll have to modify the throttle bracket on the carb so that the cable snaps onto the ball about one inch closer to the front of the car. I also have to remove a metal sleave that once protected the cable from a spring. After that, I *should* get full throttle, but if not, I may have to take up some slack at the pedal, by introducing a nut or two between the lead ball and the pedal's seat. This may also line up the pedals better, providing a better heal-toe driving position.

    Very near future car work includes,
      Securing the fuel-pressure isolator
      Installing the carpet, center console, various interior pieces, stereo, and floor mats.
      Throttle cable mods, obviously
      Installing a heat shield over the clutch cable, especially where it CONTACTS the header

    I'm not updating that often right now, and I don't see that improving anytime soon. Once I get this car running how I want it, there won't be much to post, although I'm definately going to upload some galleries of events and of my car at various locations.

    Also, I'm very curious as to who used a webgrabber to download all the images off the site. Please email me, cal.kveder@shaw.ca, as I didn't think anyone actually went to this site.

June 7th, 2002
    Ever since I've started driving the 'stang around something didn't feel right... It seemed to be struggling to rev up past 4000rpms. Felt bogged down. So I stopped by un-announced at Western Motorsports today and asked Tim to take my car for a spin, after all, it was his motor. He agreed that it was a bit sluggish, and had a look at the plugs. They were the "nitrous" spark plugs, smaller gap. He removed those and re-installed the stock gapped plugs. He asked what the timing was at, to which I replied, "Havn't touched it, don't have a timing light"... WELL... It was WAY off, 8 degrees, or maybe it was 0 degrees... can't recall....anyway, he adjusted that to 14 degrees, and that allowed me to set my MSD timing control dial in the middle.. I can now retard or advance timing whenever I please from the driver's seat. What a world of difference... now I can go wreck some ego's. I plan to take it to Race City Speedway next Friday, as that will give me enough time to re-check all nuts and bolts, make sure my car will pass tech-inspection, as well as hone my driving skills.

    And for your eye's, here's the gallery of Three Hills Alberta Car Show that I promised. Image quality is poor, as the camera I used is junk, and I took a lot of the pics while walking. Check out that Barbie "Jeep" and "General Lee". Of course, more pics of MY car. [Three Hills]

June 4th, 2002
    I've burned through 3/4 of a tank of gas in just over one day... and I've been burned by a few cars as well. Let me list them.
      Last night, this Blazer is sitting in my blind spot, pissing me off, but at least he's admiring my car...anyway, he pulls up to the next light and we ask what each other has...He mentions his is a turbo 4.3L. I'm not expecting too much of a fight. Anyway, we line up at a decent light and he says, "Shall we"... I agree, and wait for the light. Green... BAM, he's gone, I'm spinning. Little did I know was that he has ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE, which means he was able to rev up to whatever and let off the brake and SLING-SHOT ahead. I shouldn't have dropped the clutch at 3000rpms, and instead just eased into it. I really have to figure out how to drive this car. To make matters worse, I also missed third, even with my Hurst shifter, but it really didn't matter, it was OVER. Turns out Chevrolet built 8000 of these "Typhoon Blazers" in the early 90's. 280hp/340torque stock, with the AWD and a Corvette transmission. My car is definately faster on paper, AND in person, so it really bothers me that I lost so badly.

      Today I happen to pull up next to a 68 Dodge Charger, which I believe to be a 440. I rev a bit, and he barely seems to notice, but does smile, as do I..and I sit there appricating his car. Light's green and I turn onto McLeod Trail north, and I punch it as hard as I can. I didn't realize he decided to follow, and I push it as hard as I can. He's JUST BARELY able to pass me. I had two other people in the car, adding 350lbs, so I'm thinking I would have had him without that extra weight. He was also blowing blue smoke out his exhaust as he blasted by, so I'm wondering if he was running nitrous, although I'm doubting it. It was REALLY close, and I gave him a run for his money, so I didn't mind losing.

      Also today, on McLeod south I'm at the front waiting for a red light, and I see a beautiful silver Corvette convertable, brand new, right behind me. I take off as HARD as I can from the light, and he's just RIGHT ON MY ASS, and he effortlessly walks past me. I can't believe how fast those things are, especially without breaking a sweat..deadly quiet too. I didn't mind that loss too much, as he better be fast considering it costs $60,000 more than mine.

    I've added a gallery of pics taken by Scott Mitchell from the Three Hills Car show last Saturday. The pics I took will be up soon as well. [Scott's Gallery]

    I might have to setup some sort of "Street Race" page to list my kills, and my losses.

June 1st, 2002
    Lets see here. The cold I've been suffering from was kicking my ass, so I called in sick and went to a car-show instead. Washed the car, again (Second time in two days), and met at Western Motorsports at about 8:30. About 10 cars were there at that time, and about 10, MAYBE 15 more arrived.

    At 9:00, the cruise to Three Hills Alberta began. It was REALLY cool being part of a 25 mustang cruise, especially considering how fast we were going. What a way to cap off this project. We hit a top speed of 170km/h quite easily, but didn't get a chance to push her any further. I was behind a 87-93 GT with a heavy duty road-racing suspension, and although his engine was stock and probably needed a rebuild (190k)...he seemed to be faster than me while passing "slower" vehicals, as was the 87-93 lx convertible with FOUR people that was behind me... That really bothered me all the way up and throughout the day until I realized that they were dropping down into fourth to pass, while I remained in fifth. I feel better now. Oh, also burned through a half tank of gas for the hour long trip...OUCH... but so did everyone else.

    We all entered the show, $5/car, and were placed together along the main street. There must have been at least one thousand cars out there.... it was huge. Biggest I've ever been to. The majority of it being 60's muscle cars, but a good variety overall. I didn't bother to "show" the car, as in for judging with the car number and what not...but I did pop the hood to expose the engine. The car got plenty of attention, as it's not exactly stock or ordinary. That colour just GRABS your attention. We had a look around for a few hours, but you can only do so much.

    Highlights include a GENERAL LEE replica, a 4x4 Suzuki that BARBIE would adore, an Austin Mini with a VTEC, a black Volvo with a ford 302, tonnes of wicked Muscle cars, and some bullshit Saturn that was a total eye-sore. It was painful just to think of...Stereo pumping out some easy listening crap, hood propped open, exposing some pussy engine with *MAYBE* some painted parts, a mostly stock interior (Maybe some gay shit there too), sick wheels, stock green paint, and three fat HOSERS sitting in lawn chairs in front of it.

    Craig and I were bored pretty quick, and luckily I was backed in ALMOST at a street, and the stang next to us just had to pull forward so we could escape the madness.. I took some pics, though I'm doubting the quality, as I took a few while walking, the camera is shit, I couldn't seem to get the cars in frame, and if I did, there's probably some dip-shit in the way. Grabbed General-Lee, Barbie, Volvo, my car, crowds, and various muscle-cars (Most of them seeme to be that lime green colour, which obviously REALLY grabbed MY attention).

    On the way home I took it easy. 1) To avoid tickets. 2) To see what kind of gas mileage was possible. I opened her up on a few occasions, and at one point the hood popped up, saved by the safety catch. I was doing 150 down and nice winding road into a ravene and over a bridge. The speed, the bumps, and the hard right turn allowed the hood to pop (I actually noticed the potential problem this morning, but took a gamble). Anyway, nothing bad happened and the hood never popped again, had it lifted right up, SEVERE damaged would have occured.

    I also took the opportunity to break in the brakes. Three hard quick stops from high speeds, followed by a good cruise without braking for a while. 150km/h to zero was amazing... Literally took no distance at all, and the brakes didn't fade or complain one bit...neither did the subsiquient 2nd and third attempts. These brakes are amazing.

    I figured the suspension would be fairly stiff and uncompromising on rough highway roads, but I was wrong. It wasn't at all bone-jarring, but REALLY hugged the corners. Car feels VERY stable at any speed, and there is ZERO lean on corners...the tires will fail way before the suspension fails the car.

    The Corbeau Targa RS seats are awesome. I'm finding that sitting for any period of time in any car is...a pain in the ass.. well..no more. Not a complaint. Initally the seats don't "feel" comfortable..but they definately are. They also keep you rock solid in there on hard cornering. I highly recommend them.

    So in conclusion of this wonderful day, the car performed perfectly (Minus the hood latch), it ran VERY cool, approx 150-165 highway, and 180 stopped with the electric fan on manual, 210 electric fan automatic (I have yet to choose a temp to set it at).. I'm slightly burned on my face, arms, and neck, and I'd like to wash the car again. The car is loud, and my ears kinda hurt from today. I'm probably going to have to get some quieter mufflers to appease my ears, my neighbours, the police, and my folks. Next up for the car is an alarm, tinting, second alignment, subframes, dyno, mufflers (Tailpipes?), track times, and some carpet and the center console would be nice.

    Until the next update, I'll try to hit 'em up more often, and get those car show pics up.

Three weeks of May CATCH-UP!
    I really havn't made any updates in QUITE a while, just over three weeks....At least I've made some major progress on the car, in fact, it's done..basically.

    The seats eventually DID arrive, and I can't believe they charged me $45 for each set of mounting adaptors... They're basically two metal plates, painted black with four holes drilled, and come with four sets of nuts and bols. I could have made them, but I'm just glad it's over with.

    I had the car insured and registered about one week ago. I installed some decent speakers, finished the stereo wiring, and put the trunk back together. Also fixed a minor problem with the front right corner bulb socket.

    Western Motorsports called on Monday, and when I called them back on Tuesday they informed me of a meet on Saturday at their shop. They were then to cruise to Three Hills Alberta for a massive out-door car show. I told them I wish I could make it, but doubted I would. I also drove down there to swap speedo gears, had the wrong one. I also made a trip to the junkyard to pick up some pieces I was missing...mainly a bettery hold-down, seat belt bolts (Maaco misplaced them), and to take a look at the dash wiring....Figure it out.

    On Wednesday, May 29th... I spent 10 hours of the day in the garage, busting my ass on the car. Completed the turn signals, fuel pumps, nitrous wiring, gauge lighting, switches, and put the dash back together. I also installed the back seats and most of the interior trim.

    But Thursday, rather than attempt a "get to the alignment shop, alignment", I just had the car towed there. Cost me $50.00, but saved me the worry. They did the alignment, however, they DIDN'T FUCKING ADJUST THE CASTOR. A stock Mustang comes with the castor set at the factor, and is not adjustable. I however, installed some REALLY nice and expensive CASTOR/camber plates, just for that purpose. I even mentioned it when I dropped off the car...mentioned it to the MANAGER. Well, fuck.. Those idiots at FOUNTAIN TIRE can't seem to get ANYTHING right. I was warned about them, but I gave 'em a chance anyway, and of course they blew it. I said I needed my car by noon, and the manager replied that if I dropped it off early, 8:00am, it would be done by noon. Not only was the car not fully aligned (Castor out by .5 degrees on one side), but it wasn't complete until 1:00pm. I made an appointment with them for the next day, 8:00am again, to be done by noon...but hell, I didn't feel like getting up that early again, needed the sleep, sick.... so I skipped it... I'll go in at MY convience sometime this week so they can correct THEIR MISTAKE.

    Friday... Fixed problems noticed on Thursday, mainly....Shift knob totally loose and falling off. Gauge lighting (Aftermarked gauges), flickering (Turned out to be a loose ground). Also double checked the rad hoses, as apparently the upper BLEW OFF when they were driving the car into the alignment bay. Also, nearly ran out of gas. In the three years that I drove that car as a 2.3L, I never had to pump more than 40 litres of gas into... I figured that was how much the tank held. Negative. The tank holds at least 60 litres. Anyway, we were at the Dairy Queen drive-thru and notice that the fuel pressure was dropping from it's normal position of 7psi, down, down, down...ZERO. Uh-oh. When I initally poured in 15 litres from a jerry-can, it never registered on the fuel gauge, so I figured that the gauge wasn't working...no big deal right? Well, yeah, the gauge works just fine. 60 litres of premium isn't cheap. The fuel pressure is fine now, as is the fuel level gauge.

    The rest of the month is archived [here!]

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