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July 2002 Archive

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July 31st, 2002
    I finally got around to installing the carpet, deck, and center console. Took me about five hours over the span of two days to complete the task...which required removing the seats (Front and back), laying in the carpet, making crucial cuts, and pulling, taping and stretching it to achive proper fit. I also dicovered that I would have to remove the shifter to install the console (It wouldn't clear, even without the knob).. In order to remove the shifter, I also had to remove the lower boot....and when I installed the console, I realized that I wouldn't be able to replace the lower boot, as I wouldn't be able to reach the bolts. The shifter bolted back in without a hitch. Also, the deck was installed properly for the first time ever in that car. It use to be shit-rigged without a mounting kit, causing it to shift, slide, and drop, and also, scratch the fuck out of my cd's... During one of my junk-yard trips, I came across a mounting kit.... peice of cake.

    Bolted everything back in, no more hitches...even adjusted the idle which has been too high ever since I fixed the throttle cable. Started the car up...hmmm...strange.... something's not right... I look under the car, and find a HUGE PUDDLE OF GASOLINE under the motor, IN MY GARAGE... I quickly shut off the car and realize that I had accidently left the secondary fuel pump switch ON, and since I hadn't completed the nitrous system yet, the braided steel line was simply BLOWING GAS ALL OVER THE MOTOR.. I pushed the car out of the garage and had the fire-extinguisher handy while I wiped up the pools of gas from crevices in the motor. SCARY!

    Last update for the month of July, perhaps I'll archive this month and it's few entires.

July 23rd, 2002
    Considering that the car did not have a single bid on eBay, I've decided to start driving the stang daily. I'll install the carpet, console, and deck on Friday or Saturday, and hopefully get around to insulating the clutch cable from the header, as well as installing a new thermostat...and I should probably install the clutch cable cover as well. Oh...and lets not forget about completing the nitrous system... which simply requires mounting the bottle and switches.

July 15th, 2002
    Posted my car for auction on eBay. Click here to view the page.

July 3rd, 2002
    Few updates in the last few weeks, but here's an overview.

    Performed the necessary throttle-cable modification in about two hours. Although fairly straight-forward, removing the required materal from the cable wasn't easy. The movement of the throttle was limited by a protective cover that was between the throttle cable bracket, and the throttle socket. I decided to remove all unnecessary material in that area, and leave the actual cable exposed to the elements. I used my trusty Dremel to cut and grind most of the hard-brittle metal that surrounded the cable. I also ended up using plyers and snips. Adjustment of the pedal wasn't necessary, although it is now almost at the same height as the brake and clutch pedals, added bonus!

    Performance gains were immediately noticeble. Traction isn't available in first or second unless I administer some serious self control. I no longer have to wait for the rpms to rise in third or fourth, and I'm CONSTANTLY hitting the MSD soft rev-limiter which is currently set at 6000rpms.

    I am now TOTALLY satisfied with the car's performance, and my passengers no longer have to pretend that the car is fast. I was really getting sick of making excuses.

    Picked up my carpet and floor-mats, but they are still waiting to be installed...perhaps tomorrow.

    This car is too impractical for my life, especially considering the debt it's put me in. I'm trying to decide if I should attempt to sell it and regain a percentage of what I've invested, or if I should just hang onto it for the rest of the summer/another year.

    The month of June has been archived!

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