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August-December 2002 Archive

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November 11th, 2002
    Added an [Archives] link to the top of all pages. It's the most crucial part of this page, and I think it was being missed.

    Also updated the [Resources] page with...more links.

    An over-haul will soon begin on the [Conversion Tech] page. I plan on having it as the best source of information on Mustang engine swaps for the layman.

November 1st, 2002
    It may as well be official, the car is probably not hitting the streets until next spring. And as much as I need a "hit", I just can't afford to risk smashing the car up on slick streets.

    I've been getting a few emails lately about the V8 conversion, so here is what I've used to reply with.

      My initial plans were to go with an EFI setup, but I just couldn't turn down the opportunity to purchase a fully prepped 306 carb'd with maybe only 6000kms since rebuild. It made sense, as it would output the hp I wanted, but at a fraction of the cost. It also included the exhaust, fuel-pump, msd distributor, alternator, starter... basically a COMPLETE motor... I bought it from Western Motorsports, it was their cheif mechanics motor from his drag car... I lucked out.

      If I were to do it again, I'd go the junkyard route. Well, actually, I'd drop in an SVO's 2.3L w/ turbo, but that's another story. and as much as I like the carb setup because it's FAST, it's an easy install, and it looks awesome under the hood.... I'd like the drive-a-bility of an EFI setup. I suggest you find and purchase a COMPLETE donor EFI 5.0, as that would be the easiest, best, and probably the cheapest route. Also use the cheapest 2.3L Mustang with the best body you can. I should have sold mine, rather than convert it, and I should have purchased a more deserving shell.

      As far as an EFI V8 swap, you basically need to take everything that the engine wiring harness is connected to. All the sensors and what not. The dash harness does not need to be swaped, it'll plug right in. You'll also need the computer. Fuel pumps are identical. The hot drag setup is to keep the four-cylinder's suspension, but you'll want the 5.0's transmission and rearend.

      The conversion is actually a lot easier than it sounds, and it's hard to know what's involved until you're actually in the middle of it. Take you time, and feel free to ask questions.


      My first advice would be to do it on a smaller scale, and to do it on a budget...junkyard style. If I could do it again, I'd do it cheap. But since you're already going that route, you're on the right path.

      As for difficulty, I found this to be almost TOO easy of a project. I've never taken any courses, never had anyone to show me how it's done...and prior to this, the hardest thing I'd done to a car was change the oil. The swap was time intensive though, and there was definately a lot of work...it was hard getting the nerve to go out there somedays. The hardest part of the conversion was just getting all the right peices, nuts, bolts, screws, adapters, fasteners, zip-ties, wires....

      I don't know what else to add... Oh... Do it right the first time.

    So there ya go, if you're thinking about performing the conversion, that ought to provide the general outline, and if you need futher instructions, please feel free to ask. I'd still like to stuff this page full of vital swap information, as when I did it, I had a hard time getting accurate and useful information off the internet.

    In fact, check back soon, as I'll write up some helpful documents and upload them to the [Conversion Tech] section of this site.

October 7th, 2002
    While at Western Motorsports picking up another tire for my Escort, they took a few shots of my car for their customer cars section on their website. You can view my car [here!] It appears that two of the pictures are still not working.

    It's almost time to park the stang for the winter, as these Calgary winters are TOTALLY un-predictable. I've got a few options I've yet to confirm.

September 21st, 2002
    Added another 15 or so images to the latest gallery, mostly exterior shots.

September 20th, 2002
    Not much has happened since the last update. I've been driving the 'Stang to and from work on a very regular basis now. I've started to really warm up towards the car, it's such an rush to mash on the gas and escape a parking lot of traffic. I feel alive when I'm driving this car, and I plan to drive it right up until the first snow fall. I still need to change the thermostat, and complete the nitrous install, and perhaps I'll get around to it soon...although lately I've spent most of my time fixing up the Escort in preparation for another winter. I need it to not only make it through, but to perform as well as possible. I totally overhauled the cooling system, and did some other minor fixes, 'cause I won't dare drive Mustang in snow/salt/sand.

    I also missed out on the Western Motorsports Race City event, as they postponed it by a week, and I ended up working that Friday..

    Oh, and hey... new gallery, kinda. Added two pictures of the interior. Just got a digital camera, so expect a large image dump of exterior shots in various settings. Until then, go here.

August 13th, 2002
    Current short term plan for the stang is to complete whatever is left... mounting the bottle, minor nitrous tweaks, etc... and attend the Western Motorsports All Ford Drag-Race at Race-City Speedway on September 6th. I'll finally be able to get some numbers for the car, and have a good time as well.

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