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March to July, 2003 Archive

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July 15th, 2003 - Not much left, I'm open to reasonable offers!

    Call (403) XXX-XXXX (Calgary, Alberta), or email if interested in parts.

    Please note that when I say NEW, I mean, new parts with 3000km's on them

    GT Turbine wheels with BFGoodrich Radial T/A's 225/60R15, 30% worn - $450

    Modine 3-core brass radiator w/ hoses and clamps - $175

    SPAL electric fan w/ Flex-a-lite adjustable thermostat - $160

    New Tail-light lenses (Pair) - $100

    Corbeau Targa RS seats (Pair) - $900

    New grey carpet - $75

    New grey carpet floor mats - $50

    Long block setup (Approx 12,000km's on rebuild) - $2500
    Rebuilt 306 shortblock w/ stock internals
    Western Motorsports ported GT40 cast iron heads
    1.7 roller-rockers
    ARP head bolts
    K&N valve cover breathers
    Ford Motorsport aluminum valve covers
    Only synthetic oil used
    Stock alternator and starter
    4 cylinder power-steering pump

    Nitrous Setup, Carb - NOS brand (Jetted for 150hp shot)- $300
    Anodized nitrous injector plate
    Nitrous and fuel solenoids
    10 lb bottle
    Hi-flow bottle valve
    Throttle switch
    Arming safety switch

    1987 Coupe rolling chasis, would make an excellent start for any project - $1800
    $3700 invested in paint and bodywork
    Performance Red Paint in excellent condition, no rust/body damage.
    165,000km's on chasis, very straight frame

    All glass in good condition, brand new windshield
    Refinished black window trim
    Includes locks and 2 sets of orignial keys
    Painted body colour metal door-handles
    Mostly complete grey interior in excellent condition (Minus a few drilled holes)
    Trunk carpet and lining
    Wiper blades and arms
    Weather-stripping (New trunk weather-stripping)
    Dash wiring, gauge cluster, everything works.
    Wiper motor and assembly
    Head-light wiring harness
    Driver side wiring harness
    Stock fuel tank
    Cowl "grill"
    Center console
    Pedal Assembly w/ clutch
    Hard brake lines

    **Does NOT include**

    Subframes/rollcage, etc.
    Fuel pickup or pump, fuel lines
    Heater-core (Blown)
    Stereo or speakers
    Carpet/floor-mats (Optional)
    Seats, brackets or sliding assembly
    Head-light lens'
    Tail-lights (Optional)
    Suspension, brakes or 8.8 differential (Other than enough to keep it a rolling chasis)
    Motor or transmission (Essentially, anything in the engine bay)
    EFI computer or wiring harness
    Flexible brake lines
    Brake booster/master cylinder/prop valve
    Sway bars
    Transmission crossmember (Optional)
    Motor/tranny mounts


    New grey carpet
    New grey floor-mats
    New Tail-lights

    Please note that when I say NEW, I mean, new parts with 3000km's on them

April 29th, 2003
    I've made the VERY tough decision to sell the car. I'm going back to full-time starving student status in September, and I won't be able to work, and thus, won't be able to afford my loan/visa/insurance/fuel payments. Here's a copy of the ad I placed in the AutoTrader.

      87 Ford Mustang LX
      Total restoration, $23k invested, 2000km's on parts, Carb'd 306, ported GT-40s, custom exhaust, 150hp nitrous, MSD, Holley fuel sys, elec fan, 3-core rad. 5 spd hurst, King Cobra clutch, alum DS, 3.73's, full suspension/brake upgrades. Corbeau seats, 6 Autometer gauges. Performance Red paint, Cobra R hood, new lens's. Sleeper look, Z06 killer, Calgary.

    Yes, that's right....a total steal at only $16,000 cdn. Inquiries can be made by, e-mail: mustang@kveder.net, or phone: (403) XXX-XXXX.

March 30th, 2003
    Noticed that the valve-cover breather on the driver's side seemed to be falling out. Took off the cover to find out why. Wow, Crane rockers... Never seem 'em before. Everything looks good, nice and clean. Check it out for yourself, here. Also, notice the somewhat clean engine bay, here.

    Drove to Bragg Creek, and the car barely broke down at all. Only on the way up, just after getting on high-way 8, the fuel pump failed. Probably due to vapor lock, but it did recover after about 5 minutes of waiting.. No biggie..but I probably should fix that. Could be dangerous. The drone of the exhaust wasn't that bad, and we were actually able to listen to music, and carry on a conversation.

March 29th, 2003
    Well, the car is back on the road. Had it appraised on Wednesday, and no surprises, it's worth $16,000. Insured on Friday, registered Saturday.

    On Saturday, I also changed the oil, installed the new 195 thermostat, changed the coolant, fixed my shift-knob, cleaned the K&N filter, and dusted off the engine bay. Then I gassed, washed, and adjusted the tire-pressure.

    Did some night-time driving, boy do I ever need to adjust those head-lights. Bright as hell, but they are aiming straight up. Hardly illuminate the road, and definately piss off the drivers ahead of me. Also did some tearing around. Good performance, but I think it needs some new plugs and wires.
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